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TO.ME.S. s.r.l. . was founded at the end of the 1970s as a mechanical turnery turnery and grew rapidly thanks to technology and the ability to adapt to today's market. Over the years, it became an established manufacturer of professional systems for transferring and measuring lubricants, fuels and liquids.

Producing custom turned mechanical components has always been a skill that has been maintained and improved over the years, enabling important results to be achieved in various sectors: from industry to agriculture, from transport to automotive.

For some years now, the company has consolidated its presence in the water sanitation (equipment and system) and heating field by manufacturing precision products according to customer drawings, such as sockets, couplings and parts of all kinds.

Well-established and efficient relationships with qualified suppliers operating in the Italian and European markets, which gives the advantage in sourcing in terms of availability, which then turns into delivery speed.

Production programming is integrated with the latest available technologies such as the latest Industry 4.0 allowing real-time data processing and two-way communication.

This implementation has significantly increased efficiency, which together with the experience makes productivity lean and flexible..

For the production of turned components, TO.ME.S. hasmany types of machine tools, in different configurations: from the simplest 2-axis CNC to the most complex MULTI TASKING with a focus on high TRANSFER production, all from reliable manufacturers.

The company is therefore able to produce a large variety and different types of products in small, medium and large series. For example, with regard to large series, machines with TRANSFER technology are able to produce couplings or sockets for the water sanitation (equipment and system) industry in the quantity of 500 pcs/hour per machine.

All processing steps are monitored and controlled using modern measuring and testing equipment.

Finally, the logic of production batch approval is applied to minimise non-conformities.

On request, 100 % control of all critical dimensions is guaranteed.

The department is equipped with modern WASHING TUNNELS to clean items and protect them with inhibitors that block corrosion.

Packaging needs are met by using boxes, side boards, crates also in co-ordinated management with the customer.

Process expertise and long-standing relationships with local logistics service companies result in timely and safe deliveries.

The quality management system is certified by DNV and complies with ISO 9001:2015 standards for the following scope:

  • Design and manufacture of pumps and systems for the continuous and dynamic distribution and metering of fluids,

  • Precision machining to customer specifications (IAF 18, 17).

Through the constant monitoring of internal activities, both process and service-related, the repeatability of results is guaranteed, providing a method for both continuous improvement and risk management. The application of effective quality procedures ensures the monitoring of process stability.

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